Saturday, 30 January 2016

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I'm doing this post early, so I don't forget later on in the rush of Sunday night spawn-wrangling and first-day-of-school shenanigans tomorrow. So, of course, I'm drawing a complete blank.

What did I DO last week? Not very much of anything, I suspect. I did do one of the two blog posts  I talked about last Sunday; the short reviews one of all five books I've read so far this year: I think my favourite so far has to be Shadowshaper, but so far not a dud read. *Fingers crossed.*

I did a little bit of stitching, and advanced my Grey Wardens pattern, so that half of "vigilance" is finished. I'll post a  pic and write a post about it when that word is done. Now that I've managed to do this one and not totally mangle it, I'm thinking of finding a nice alphabet or two or three and doing "Survival is insufficient"; a quote from Star Trek: Voyager and also from Station Eleven, aka the book of my heart. (Never mind the 2489577 other cross-stitch WIPs I have scattered about. Shush.)

Hopefully, this year, I can get the Grey Wardens pattern finished, and also Circe, which I have had on the go - on and off, obviously, for more than 10 years. I'll post a pic of that one in the upcoming cross-stitch post, too.

Heather at made this post - - about a project she plans to undertake, called The Dead Ladies Project, and it jogged my memory.

Gathering dust in google docs, I have a list of women from different eras and disciplines. I was going to try and start some kind of project, but really all I did was google things like "women composers" and save the links to the wikipedia pages. Heather's post,  however, has got me thinking, so ... watch this space? Maybe?

I'm still going to do a post on my top three non-match 3 apps, which I meant to do last week. And I've had one knocking about in my brain for the past week or so - "things that I like that people don't think middle aged women should like" but I don't know how it would come out. What I see of women my age on TV and in movies,  mostly, is that they're exasperated by their husbands or helping children with their homework, but seem to have no inner lives of their own. And we all know that's just not true. I'd love some feedback on whether I should go ahead or not, I'm not the most articulate when it comes to Deep and Meaningful, and I tend to generalise.

I'm still applying for jobs. I have my fingers mentally crossed for a couple, some I don't expect anything from, but I find it's a good discipline; writing the cover letters and sending off applications. I DO have an "informal chat" tomorrow at a local community paper; they're apparently looking for a part-time proofreader and someone who works there now thought of me (we used to work together). It would only be a few hours a week, but the way I see it, at this point (after four or so months) I'm ready to start doing something, while I still look for something fulltime.

As for what I'm reading ... I'm about to re-read the Captive Prince books by C S Pacat in anticipation of book three coming out on Tuesday. I also picked a book up at the library called The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic, which sounds like a fun read, so that's what's up next.

How's your week going?

What are you reading?


  1. Good luck with the job chat, and hope you have a good week. I think your post idea is a great one- you should go for it!

  2. That sounds like quite a productive week! Hope you have a good week and happy reading!

    Laura @

  3. I have many weeks like that. I think, oh I didn't do anything then when I start typing it turns out I did more than I remembered. lol Good luck with the job hunting! I'll send out {{{posivibes}}}

  4. The Captive Prince books! I keep forgetting those exist! I've heard good things about them, I think? From you? I was probably just waiting until the last book came out so I could read them all at once.

  5. Oh Maree the proofreader job sounds good - and could lead to other things! And it's a nice way to ease yourself back into stuff.

    And I like the idea of your own project. I see so many challenges around and none exactly fit what I want to do, and it occurs to me I could just set myself a goal and work to it!

  6. Love all that cross stitch going on. All the best with the job hunting - not easy for sure. Never know with the proof reading though, sometimes one thing leads to another.

  7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the informal chat!! I hope it works out.
    Last week was really busy for me. Today is my only day of, so I’m spending it sitting in my PJ surrounded by my books, watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and catching up on my blog.
    Have a great week ;)

  8. Good luck on the job...and enjoy your various pursuits. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  9. Hope your job chat is a success. Have a good week!

  10. Good luck on the job!!

    Happy Reading!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  11. I saw The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic on a few blogs a while back and I was intrigued by the title. I need to get that back on my radar. Good luck on the job front and enjoy your week!