Saturday, 9 July 2016

Short reviews

Ed feels like he's doing okay after the neck injury that benched his semi-pro football career. He's got a job with decent insurance, and he vounteers at a local community centre.

Laurie is trying to move on from a very public humiliation. He teaches aerobics at the same community centre, and spends a lot of time dodging his overbearing mother.

Laurie and Ed clash at first, but when Ed asks Laurie for dance lessons, sparks fly.

Laurie and Ed are set on a rocky road, between Ed's depression and his on-going injury, and the shadow hanging over Laurie's dancing, but they fight on.

There was a lot to like here - Ed and Laurie were very well rounded characters, and I enjoyed the development of their relationship. But I finished the book wanting more ...depth? I think? Also the weird voyeur scene near the end where Ed and Laurie get it on in Laurie's godfather's tub in front of the godfather and his husband is a bit ... much.

Good and readable overall, though.

The Closer You Get is the second book in The Distance Between Us series, following on from  Rhett and Ethan's story in the first book.

In this one, self-described manwhore Kieran is understandably wary when he meets virginal just-out-of-the-closet Alex who has moved away from his homophobic family to finally start living his life on his own terms.

It's not long before chemistry strikes, and Kieran has to decide if he wants to get closer to Alex, or whether he can bear to give him up.

Kieran and Alex are great together, and I really enjoyed this entry into the series. It's a quick, fun read.

Book three in The Distance Between Us follows Ethan and Rhett's friend Dale, as he re-connects with Adam - the one who got away not once, but twice.

Dale's understandably wary, and he has to decide whether Adam's worth going through heartbreak again for.

I didn't enjoy this one as much as The Closer You Get - it felt like Dale was doing all of the emotional heavy lifting, which is a problem of the first-person narrative I think. This one would have benefited from a few chapters from Adam's point of view to see what was going on inside his head. Fun, but not like, FUN fun.

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