Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sunday Post 45; It's Monday, what are you reading? 31

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Let's see ....

Well, I'm now a fully functioning beneficiary.  A ward of the Government, as it were. It feels ... weird. It's good, to have some kind of money coming in, but the longer I'm out of work, the more heavily the days weigh on my hands. I'm applying for everything even remotely likely and so far all I've had are a couple of interviews, a vague expression of interest from a recruitment agency, and rejections, rejections, rejections.

I think my favourite one so far said that although my experience was "of interest" to them, it didn't' line up perfectly with what they wanted. They wanted a content writer with sub-editing skills. Which. That's. That's what I did, essentially. So right now, my job-seeking mode is ... frustrated. I feel like ... I don't know. If I'm not filling my days productively then I'm somehow ... cheating someone somewhere. But after I've applied for all the jobs in the morning, what CAN I do? Spawn is at school, and he's nine, so he needs me less than he used to and so ... ugh. I didn't mean to start a pity party. I'd just rather be working. Being home was nice and fun and all when I had funds, and then I was working for a bit, and now that I don't have funds and I'm not working? Less fun.

Anyway. Spawn is sick - it never fails, he goes back to school after the holidays, and comes home with a bug. Sore throat/sore ear/fever again. He's had it for a few days, so it'll be off to the doctor again. The school has done a hearing assessment on him too, and he's been referred to the hospital, so we're waiting for an appointment there. Likely he'll need grommets, but I'm adopting a wait-and-see approach because what-ifs aren't productive.

My Saturday night stitch-and-watch friend's mother died last Monday. She had had Alzheimer's for about nine years, and my friend was her main caregiver. Her funeral was on Friday.

I have been reading a bit, and I finished Pansies by Alexis Hall on Saturday. It never fails when I get one of his books, I have to sit down and read it till it's done. It was great, but I don't think anything can replace the standing Glitterland has in my heart. Review to come this week,  hopefully! I still need to write up The Secret Life of Pets, too.

I'm picking away at the audio for This Census-Taker, and it's going okay. I don't really listen to a lot of audiobooks but I had a free Audible credit, so I took advantage. I also started Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristof. The formatting takes a bit of getting used to but I'm enjoying the story so far.

I think that's all - lol.

What about you?

How's your week?

What are you reading?


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's mother. And job searching is tough, and takes time... I'm sure you'll find something. I always like it when I get a book by an author that I just have to keep reading- those are the best. :)

    Have a great week.

  2. So sorry for the loss this week. I need to check out Alexis Hall. I like when an author has be devouring their books in one sitting. Glad you are getting help. Hang in there!

  3. Argh, unemployment. My husband's been struggling with this for awhile too. Your friend is going to have some major readjusting to do; I imagine being the caretaker for an Alzheimer's patient is pretty consuming work, and losing a parent is never easy.

    My preferred way to read books is all the way through at once! It's always great when you are able to.

  4. Awww...sorry to hear about your friend's mother. I hope your friend is doing okay.

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Catch you over @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and check out my new book meme Book Photo Sundays!

  5. Ah yes, I remember when I first got my redundancy I was kinda cashed up and enjoyed the days. I could lunch with friends and the like. I was pretty careful with my money and didn't buy stuff cos I didn't need it. But dining out and coffees etc were fine. Six months or so later my savings dwindled and I started staying home more which brings about the boredom and sense of frustration.

    It's great you're getting interviews. I didn't even get any interviews for a really long time. And it's good you've got the govt allowance coming in. I felt a bit weird about it until I realised I'd paid $30k in tax the year before I stopped working!

  6. So tough to be out of work, good that you are now getting a benefit, at least it is a little to help out. Hope that something will come your way soon.

  7. I know exactly how you feel - job searching can be absolutely soul destroying. Stay strong, and be kind to yourself - it's a tough world out there right now, and you're doing the best you can. Keep your chin up!

  8. Good luck on the job hunt. It can be so frustrating trying to find something. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  9. Illuminae is so good; I love the weird format! It's so hard to not have enough money and have that pressure to find a job. I hope things work out for you! Have a fabulous week!