Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sunday Post 50; It's Monday What are you reading? 35

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Let's see ... last week was mostly spent mired in spreadsheets as I'm still working through this two-week contract. The work is due on Wednesday this week, and I have a lot of double-checking to do before then.  The good thing about it is that I can just do it from home. And in looking for something suitable on Netflix to watch while I work, I stumbled over Gilmore Girls, which I had never watched.

Now I'm on to ... season three? I think? It's good fodder for while I'm working because I don't need to concentrate too hard.

What else. I've finished a few books, and I've written a couple of reviews. Coming up - hopefully this week - will be She Sings of Old, Unhappy Far-off Things (the book itself was much better than the terrible title suggests), Going South by Colin Hogg, and the first book in the Valerian series of graphic novels - City of Shifting Waters.

I've also watched some terrible, terrible Netflix movies, but I'm not sure whether I'll review them or not. Maybe do a short reviews post - lol.

The local library has launched its summer reading programme, and spawn's class travelled there on Thursday to get started, so I went along as parent help. There's challenges for kids, teens and adults, and for the kids, there's an activity challenge as well as a reading one. I've never finished one but you never know. :)

I went out for lunch on Saturday with some former workmates which was a lot of fun - always good to catch up with people.

I haven't been doing much else, I don't think. Spreadsheeting. Watching Netflix and reading -lol.

What about you?

How's your week?


  1. There are some bad movies on Netflix lol. I stick with mostly the series I want to catch up on, but yeah I check out the movies sometimes. Some are winners, some... yeah. :)

  2. Greg: Lol yes, it's definitely a mixed bag.

  3. Netflix does have a generous portion of D-Rated movies like Monster Shark versus Dino Croc and what not but I have to say I kind of love them in all their cheesy glory. I think we all need some bad movies now and again.
    Have a great week!
    Here's my Sunday Post

  4. I seriously need to watch Gilmore Girls. I actually requested the first two seasons from the library and I'm hoping to binge watch it as soon as possible!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  5. You do get some bad Netflix movies I tend to just watch tv shows on it. Have a great week.

    Megan @ reading away the days

  6. Oh I love Gilmore addicting. I work from home, and listen to audiobooks when I am doing mundane tasks.

  7. I am glad you are enjoying Gilmore Girls. I watched a handful of episodes from the first season a couple years ago, but haven't gotten back to it. I may have to try again. Everyone loves the show so much!

    You've got me curious about the terrible Netflix movies you watched. LOL

    The summer reading program at the library sounds like fun. I wish I could get my daughter into something like that. Unfortunately, they're mostly run during the week when I'm at work. :-( I have such fond memories of being able to participate myself as a child.

    I hope you have a great week!

  8. I hadn't realised about the 2wk job - that's great! Handy before Christmas.

    And yay for your watching Gilmore Girls. Not so much for the crappy movies though.