Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday post 28; It's Monday, What Are You Reading? 16

It's that time of the week again somehow - time to catch up with what's been going on around the blogosphere and also catch people up on what I've been doing. The Sunday Post is hosted here by Kimba: and It's Monday! What are you reading? is over here, at Kathryn's:

Let's see.... I didn't blog at all last week, but I had a bit of a week, to be honest. Between work (it still feels good to say that) and the fact spawn was hit from out of nowhere by a fever and a raging ear/throat infection which knocked him off his feet for most of the week ... well. I can do some of the work I'm doing from home, so I spent a fair amount of time shuttling back and forth.

By Friday night I was ready to fight a pigeon in the pit. Tired, but also capable of making bad choices, is what I'm saying.

We took spawn to the doctor on ... Thursday I think? 39.5degC fever, and raging infection. Woop. So we got antibiotics and paracetamol for the fever. Today was the first day he started to sound and act like himself. He didn't even touch his video games all week. That's how I knew it was BAD. Also, he kept crawling into my bed and falling asleep in the middle of the day, which he only does when he's not well.

So on Friday night I fired up Dragon Age 2 and ran around killing qunari and bandits and whatnot. Trying to push the rivalry so I can romance Fenris and still be nice to the mages. Therapy, is what I'm saying.

Saturday, I put off my stitch-and-watch friend because I was shattered. I spent most of the day either reading The Eye of the Labyrinth by Jennifer Fallon (book 2 of the Second Sons trilogy) and running around Thedas again - in Inquisition this time. Then I watched some TV - Versailles, I think and an episode of Face Off and went to bed. Spawn had a bad day on Saturday - miserable and sick and tired, but he'd turned a corner this morning thank goodness. Fever all but gone, and much more himself, which was a relief.

I finished The Eye of the Labyrinth today, and really, really enjoyed it. It's such a good series. I also finished The Drawing of the Three before that, so my reading is starting to pick up again *fingers crossed.*

I have The Girl With All the Gifts on the go on the ibooks to read at work, and after eating in the cafe once and being interrupted (grr) I now eat at my desk. I'm in an empty office so it's pretty peaceful.

What else. I'm hoping to do a short reviews post this week, and I picked up an idea from Trish at so I'm going to be doing a happy list/things that are saving my life post - hopefully this week.


How's your week been?

What are you reading?


  1. Oh, sick kids can be a challenge... Hope Spawn is on the mend at last. It sounded like you needed some downtime on the weekend anyway so I hope you've been able to rest up!

  2. Sounds like hard week. Being sick is terrible, and a sick child sounds even more terrible. I’m glad he is starting to get better though!
    Have a great week and happy reading! ;)

  3. Poor kid! I hope he feels better soon!

    I'm coming off a really looooong stretch of nonstop socialization, so this past week was a lovely opportunity for me to catch up on my introvert quiet time. I got a bunch of writing done and checked out an obscene number of books from the library, and it's been the best.

  4. Oh, a sick kid is so worrisome! When they can't play with their video games, you know it's bad for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog, and hope your new week is great. Enjoy!

  5. Sick kiddos certainly put plans on hold. I am glad today spawn is more like himself. Hope this week is better for all.

  6. Oh I hope Spawn soon feels better - I always HATED it when the niblets were poorly, and I don't enjoy it any more these days when the g/children go down with something noxious... At least you have a treat in store - The Girl With All the Gifts is something special:) At least... I hope you think so.

  7. I hope the Spawn feels better soon. Voluntary resting is generally how I tell my youngest is not feeling well. He's a terrible sick person because he hates being sick so much that he chooses to ignore it and then gets frustrated that he can't do everything he normally does. Hope he feels better and that this week is great!

  8. Therapy... lol. Every time you talk about playing Dragon Age it makes me want to play haha. I miss gaming... anyway hope your son is better soon, sounds like a rough week. Hopefully this one is better.

  9. Deborah: It is challenging but he's on the upswing now thankfully! :)

    Maureen: Thank you!

    Kimba: Thanks - me too! :)

    Sjhigbee: I hate it too, you feel so helpless. I'm only 100 pages in but I am enjoying The Girl With all the Gifts.

    Katherine: He's on the upswing now, so fingers crossed! Thank you!

    Greg: If you do decide to play it, let me know. I'll talk your ear off about it - lol

  10. Oh dear what a week. Glad he is all better now, antibiotics are such a wonder when it comes to an infection like that. Hope you regain your energy this week.