Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sunday post 32; It's Monday, What are you reading? 20

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Let's see .... I blogged! And not just a Sunday post! I rattled off some very quick sanctuary musings: That's all though.

I need to do a short reviews post, as I now have .... seven, SEVEN??? books to write up reviews for. Yeah ... definitely going to do a short reviews post for those. I got sucked into the All for the Game trilogy by Nora Sakavic, and when I say "sucked in" I mean I bought the ebooks and then read the whole trilogy in three days. It's not for everyone, but I really, really enjoyed it.

I haven't picked up Royal Assassin since last weekend. Yesterday I took spawn to see Captain America: Civil War and then to the gaming store afterward. We both enjoyed the movie and it's the first truly long movie he's sat through so that's something to celebrate. :)

I'm still picking at Perdido Street Station, and also The Girl With all the Gifts, because I keep getting distracted. I do have Lord of the Shadows by Jennifer Fallon lurking in the background, and once I read that - the Second Sons trilogy will be the first series I finish in what I boldly declared in January was the Year of the Series. Ah, youth.

So that means that book three of the Dark Tower is ALSO coming up for me very soon.  :D

What else. I've been stitching a bit this past week - there's a stitcher on Instagram called craftinggeek who, every May, does a 30for30crafting challenge - where you work on a craft for 30 minutes for 30 days. I decided to take it up and see how I go, because usually I tell myself I'm too tired, or whatever. I've managed six days so far (with a bit of extra stitching on Saturday night at my friend's) and here is day one vs yesterday - which was day six.  I have about four hours left in this slot for my rotation, and then I'll be back to Circe - so I'm hoping I can make good progress on that too, and maybe also carry the stitching habit over to next month - I'll see. :)

I also got some books from Book Depository last week, including some bookmarks to be coloured in, which is a great idea with the whole colouring trend being what it is right now.

How about you?

How's your week?

What are you reading?


  1. Nice sanctuary post. I can relate- when I played LOTRO or Star Wars The Old Republic it was nice just to visit a world that didn't involve work and RL problems. Gaming is pretty good for that. :) Plus it's a heck of a lot more imaginative than our world.

    Glad to hear Captain America was good.

  2. I enjoyed the Sanctuary post as well and could relate.

    I'm usually very monogamous on the book front. One book at a time (unless it's an audio book I only listen to when travelling) but I'm about to embark on a non fiction book (which I rarely read) so it might take me a while....

  3. Greg: That's it exactly. It was really good, I really enjoyed it!

    Deborah: Thank you! I try to be but it never seems to work out for me ...

  4. Reading the whole trilogy in one gulp is a sign of a good series, I think!

  5. I love to cross stitch! I haven't done it in months, I have been too busy. I need to look into this challenge...
    Happy Reading! <a href="”>Dani @ Paulette’s Papers</a>

    1. Dani: you should! Look up craftinggeek on Instagram or search the #30for30crafting hashtag on there. Lots of inspiration!

  6. I need to do my own 30 for 30. I have an almost complete project that I need to get back to.