Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday post 33; It's Monday What are you reading? 21

The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba here: and is a chance to chat and catch up with the week, and It's Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Kathryn here: and does what it says on the tin. :)

I didn't do a post last week - I hadn't blogged at all, and didn't feel like I'd done anything particularly noteworthy. I did manage to - finally - do a short reviews post, and I'll be doing another one of those this week.

Spawn turned nine last Sunday, and on Saturday we packed up the car for a road trip to Dunedin which was enjoyed by all. Spawn was happy with visits to a gaming store and KMart, and I was happy with Lush and the University Bookstore - lol.

We didn't have a party on the Sunday, which he was quite happy with. We had lunch at McDonald's and he was perfectly content to be allowed to play video games all day. He declared it the best birthday ever, so there's that.

Work has extended my contract by four weeks, and I'm still covering for a woman on maternity leave. They're preparing for a Big Move to new (smaller) premises but from tomorrow I'll be able to work from home. Sadly, I feel little attachment to the place now - most of the people I worked with and enjoyed working with have moved on and the nature of the beast has changed so much. So I'm clocking in, doing my work and clocking out again, essentially.

I'm still doing the #30for30crafting challenge on instagram and it's going pretty well. I've moved on from the peonies for now, to Circe, who is the next slot in my rotation. But it's been nice, the past couple of weeks, settling down for a bit of stitching while I watch TV. Usually I tell myself I'm too tired, but so far so good. *fingers crossed*

As for what I'm reading - I've embarked on Marvel's Civil War. The arc was on special on Comixology and I know I'm reading it out of order but it doesn't seem to matter *too* much. It's certainly interesting. I also still have Perdido Street Station on the go, although I haven't picked that up for a while (sorry Jodie!) and Royal Assassin, though at the moment it's on the backburner and I'm reading Vision in Silver, book three of the Others series by Anne Bishop.

What about you?

How's your week?

What are you reading?


  1. Heck I'd be happy to play video games all day and I'm not 9 lol. It does sound like a good day. :) Hope civil War II is good- I've been away from the comics for a while so I wouldn't have a clue what's going on- but I did love the movie version. :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your youngster! At least he's not high-maintenance and wanting extravagant parties! ;-)

    It's good that your contract has been extended but I know what you mean about a workplace where you feel no connection. I'm like that where I work. It's only 2-3 days a week and filled with people who work across a few locations and so they come and go. I've got no one else from my section there so it's a bit isolating. I didn't think I'd miss that workplace camaraderie but find I do!

  3. Sounds like your young one enjoyed his birthday. Who wouldn't love playing those games. I get along well with my coworkers but most of my time is spent alone. We all have different jobs in different parts of the business.

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  4. My kids would also be happy with a full day of video gaming. Give me a day where I could read or color and I would declare that to be the best day ever! :)

    Happy Reading! <a href="”>Dani @ Paulette’s Papers</a>

  5. Happy birthday to your little one! A day full of video gaming sounds amazing :D Hope you have a great week ahead!
    My Sunday Post

  6. Happy birthday to your little person! Sounds like it was fun for all. Have a great week!

  7. Oh wow, how are you liking Civil War? I remember it being, ah, a trifle incoherent, ideologically. Not terrible, but not my utmost favorite comics arc. Have you seen the movie yet or nah?

  8. Happy bday to him! Me - was busy working my bookshelf, and re arranging furnitures! It ended only today LOL Happy Monday!

  9. The Saturday trip sounds perfect and much less fraught that those people up a mountain in the four wheel drives!
    I've started doing some stitching in the evening - mostly embroidery as part of The Splendid Sampler quilting I am doing. I don't think I'll ever be really good at it though! The challenge on instagram sounds fun.

  10. Greg: Honestly, me too - lol. I'm just venturing into the comics now, but thought the movie was really good.

    Deborah: Thank you! Yes, that's it exactly. I'm working from home now, which is a bit better, I think, than being in an office with people I feel no connection to. My workmates now are my cats - lol

    Laura: Thank you!

    Dani: Right? A full day of doing something you love is a great gift, I think.

    Lillian: Thank you! You too :)

    Tiffany: Thank you! It was indeed fun :D

    Jenny: It's interesting, and I like the overall story but it's so very sprawling! I have seen the movie! Really enjoyed it :)

    Kaori: Thank you! Lol productivity is good though!

    Kathryn: It was nice to get away for the day for sure. I don't think I'm a great crafter either, but I do enjoy the process. It's definitely a fun challenge. :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Spawn and Happy Reading to you!