Friday, 17 February 2017

Review - Slim to None

Abbie is the food critic for the New York Sentinel newspaper. Or she was – until her photo is splashed across the front page of a rival newspaper, and Abbie finds herself shuffled sideways at her job, and it would seem, in her life as well.

Her husband, William, thinks this is the ideal time to start talking about babies, her best friend Jess is having an affair, and Abbie's homeless friend George isn't who he seems, either.

Abbie has to go on a diet in order to keep her job, which she does, sort of. Well.

I don't know. I mean, I'm in two minds about Slim to None.

There was a lot about it that I liked. The recipes that intersperse the text are a nice touch, and Abbie – when she's not distracted by food metaphors – is interesting. But ... it's a very slight book (excuse the pun).

The food metaphors get distracting – there seems to be at least three on every page, which, in my opinion, detracted from the overall story and from Abbie's internal struggles.

Abbie kind of rambles about everywhere, and there are dropped threads that are just never picked up. Also some of the editing was sloppy, which is always annoying.

It was pleasant enough? I guess? By which I mean "I liked enough to finish it but beyond that ... eh."

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