Thursday, 27 July 2017

Review - Monument Valley 2

I’ve talked about the original Monument Valley game before, here:

It’s still one of my favourite games, so I was very excited when seemingly out of nowhere Ustwo Games dropped Monument Valley 2 earlier this year.

This time the playable characters are Ro, and her daughter. The gameplay is similar to the first one, with mind-bending physics, relaxing music and A+ graphics.

The main differences are the characters (obviously) and the colour palette which is much more varied than the first game.

While all that is great, my favourite thing about Monument Valley 2 is how a large chunk of the story centres around the mother, Ro. Often in games, stories, novels … mothers get left behind. Their stories aren’t considered important and their whole entire role is that of mother.

In Monument Valley 2, while Ro being a mother is important, she’s also shown having her own adventures and challenges and as someone who is always looking for the unicorn - the three-dimensional fully-realised mother character - Ro in Monument Valley 2 is a real gift.

Definitely start with Monument Valley if you haven’t played it before. Overall it’s a very rewarding and relaxing experience.

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