Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Review - The Fandom by Anna Day

Dressed up and ready for the excitement, Violet and her friends Katie and Alice and Violet's younger brother Nate are all ready for Comic-Con.

They're celebrating their favourite book, The Gallows Dance, where they're meeting actors from the movie and anticipating having fun.

Then things go a bit ... wrong.

There's an accident, and Violet and co wake up in the world of The Gallows Dance, right at the opening scene.

When they inadvertently kill off the main character, they are forced to go through the events of the book themselves in order to try and find a way home.

The Fandom is part Hunger Games, part ... modern-girl-in-fantasy-realm, part ... something else - lol. I have to admit, I did enjoy it, and I think 17YO me would have LOVED it, I spent a lot of time as a teen imagining myself in other worlds, and The Fandom definitely plays in to that. It's also a kind of love letter, almost, to large recent fandoms like Harry Potter, and there are references to that series and others that will definitely be recognised.

It's definitely a read in a single (or two) sitting book, but it doesn't suffer too much for that. The story is fun, the characters are engaging, and it's really, really readable.

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