Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Review - Rough Night

Jess's life seems to be all in control. She has a burgeoning career in politics, a Very Nice Fiance, and good friends.

Then one of her old college friends books a bachelorette's weekend in Vegas, and things rapidly go downhill from there.

The stripper/criminal who dies in the living room of the house the girls are renting is only the start of the bad things that keep happening.

I keep going back and forth on this one. I mean - I didn't really like it that much, and Scarlett Johanssen's Hillary Clinton/Kate plus 8 haircut didn't really help. She's great in the Avengers - kicks butt and all that - but I'm not sure she's the right one to carry a comedy.

The other girls were fine, if forgettable - except for Kate McKinnon who was, I'm sorry, BADLY miscast as an Aussie. The part was clearly written for Rebel Wilson, and McKinnon's hybrid Australian/Cockney accent was really distracting. Though, possibly, you wouldn't necessarily notice it if you weren't from Aussie or NZ.

The plot was stupid, and it just clenched its teeth and tried WAY too hard to be funny.


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