Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday post 5

Is it just me or is Sunday coming around faster?

Anyway. The Sunday post is a chance to share the week that was - both blogging and real life - and share what's coming up. Your inimitable host is Kimberley at

Also, I'm typing this with a large black and white cat between me and the keyboard. She's watching my fingers with dubious fascination. Cats.

Anyway. I actually managed to get a couple of reviews done last week, for My Cousin Rachel:

and for The Duchess War:

So I'm Quite Pleased about that.

I finally made it to page 100 in The Sunne in Splendour, which feels like a proper achievement, given the size of the book. I'm really enjoying it - it's so .... immersive.

Also on the go, I have Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, a series of essays. I'm about half way through and it's a clever, well-observed collection.

(The cat is now digging her claws into the back of my hand. Ow. Ow. Ow.)

I just need to choose my next iBook for lunchtime at work, while I still have a lunchtime at work, which is for about another two weeks.

What else. I killed the Archdemon in Origins and started my second playthrough of the Awakenings DLC which I like a lot. I like the companions and there's lots of banter. I love banter.

(Look, cat, this is the battlefield you chose.  Either stop digging your claws in and flicking your tail, or find somewhere else to repose. Honestly.)

The work week was marginally more annoying because my immediate supervisor was on holiday in Raratonga (the jammy bastard) so I was working with someone who only fills in occasionally. It was frustrating but we got there as always.

My brother and sister in law travelled to the bustling metrop for a friend's birthday on Saturday and so - apart from my oldest sister who was working - we had a family reunion of sorts. We all don't see much of each other; not for any particular reason, we're not estranged or anything. We're just fractured and lazy about keeping in touch.'

Spawn loved it because two of his cousins - one of whom is only a year or so older than him - were there, so he had a blast.

Here is a photo of my siblings and I, a couple of years ago, I think, when we all went "gosh, we should have a get together or something". I'm the short one in the blue shirt and grey hair in the middle. ;)

(Cat!! Seriously, I love you but this is NONSENSE!)

Anyway, it was good to catch up again, and we made vague Christmas mutterings, but who knows really?

For this week coming up, I'm hoping to finish Bad Feminist, and then I have the Watchmen graphic novel waiting for me. The movie is on netflix and I haven't seen it, but I want to read the graphic novel first.

I started watching (re-watching) The Winter Soldier on Friday night but it got a bit late to finish, so if I finish that this week, I'll write a review. Which will mostly consist of STEEEEEEEEEVE and SAMMMM and THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN AGE OF ULTRON WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL WHYYYYY so, you know, look out for that.

How's your week looking?

(Here is the cat:)  As you can see, she's very used to using her looks to get what she wants. I tried to get a picture of her now, but I can't find my camera. :(
(Her name is Sophie. Or, when she's being particularly diva-ish, Sophia Loren)      


  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. Sounds like the cat just wants a little lovin. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental Sherry's Shelves

  2. It was nice you had a family gather and your cat is too cute! Hope this week moves a little slower for you!

  3. Cats ! There's one in front of my screen now, sleeping and hiding my menu bar. He jumped on my knees (with claws) while I was typing, then stepped on the keyboard and shut a window while opening something I never knew I had ! I'm glad you loved My cousin Rachel, I have a fond memory of having read it and several of D. Du Maurier's books. Have a great week !

  4. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Bad Feminist! My younger brother recently read Watchmen and has begging me to read it since he finished it as he loved it! I'm hoping to get to it soon. Have a great week!
    Thanks for stopping by the The Local Muse

  5. That cat is just precious, what a cutie!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great week!

    Heather | Random Redheaded Ramblings

  6. Sherry: She thinks she's a lap cat but she's actually not. Thanks! :)

    Kimberley: It was nice to see nearly everyone. :)

    thereaderjunkie: Honestly, cats!! And she's big-boned so I have to move the keyboard right back to accommodate her. Luckily I can touch-type - lol. You too! :D

    Mallory: Bad Feminist is great so far. You too :D

    Heather: She's a menace - lol. Thank you :D

  7. Well done with completing the post with the help of or in spite of the cat! I just had a read or your review of The Duchess War, I enjoyed that one too. Romance novels I enjoy and they have come a long way since M&B days! Hope you have a great week.

  8. I totally agree with the Age of Ultron comment. I liked it but... ugh. Plus I really, really like Steve! I mean, who doesn't right?

    Your cat and my cat must be related. Although, the battlefield he chooses is normally the hubby's keyboard. I give him (the cat, not the hubby) treats for that! Muahahaha!

    Lovely week! Yes, the Sundays seem to be coming along faster! Crazy...

  9. Kathryn: She did her best to thwart my efforts! Thank you, you too! :D

    Christina: There's so much in Age of Ultron that ... doesn't need to be in it. And STEVE. Always Steve :D Heh! Cats are great. Assholes, but great. It was a good week, thank you :)

  10. How nice to have a family catch-up! Well done on getting your reviews done next week but... more importantly well done for getting this post done despite the cat. They're weird and fickle creatures aren't they?

  11. Oo I haven't read Sharon Kay Penman for a while! I loved Here Be Dragons. I also liked The Sunne in Splendor. Hmm now I want to go back and read them again! Maybe this winter I will dive back in.

    I am writing this surrounded by cats. One gray and white to my left, and a tuxedo to my right. :) They like to nudge my hands while I type. It makes things a bit slower. Lol.

  12. Hi Princess Sophie, you're lovely! But please be a love and be kind to your human slave; she can take better care of you if you don't mistreat her.

    Cats! :D

    Sounds like a good week overall. Happy reading!

  13. Aw, yup, my sisters and I have almost no photographs all together. It's lucky my sister got married recently and forced us all to be in the same place at the same time in nice clothes with a strong motive to smile normally for the camera, because I legitimately don't think I had any pictures of all four of us together before that.

  14. Deborah: It was nice! We're all so involved in our own lives and families, it was nice to pause and catch up. Cats are weird and fickle but I do love them - lol

    Erin: I"d never read her but I've seen The Sunne in Splendour in the library and always thought "gosh, that's a big book." I found my copy cheap at a book sale. Really enjoying it. Cats make our lives better while also inconveniencing us :)

    Bea: Princess Sophie. I'll have to remember that :)

    Jenny: We don't have many pictures of all of us all together either, so we took the chance when we could :)

  15. Definitely sounds like a busy week! Hope the upcoming one leaves you more time to take a breath.
    Check out my Sunday Post

  16. I see so many similarities in you and your siblings, especially your smiles!! And yes, Sunday comes around too quickly every week. Which is not fun considering the following day will be Monday. No matter what. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what you think of Bad Feminist. And read the Watchman graphic novel but skip the movie. Just saying. I found it to be a bit gratuitous but maybe I'm a wimp. :) I mean the book was graphic as well...but not quite at the same level.

  17. Lisa: Thank you! :)

    Trish: Heh, the family genes are strong for sure :D I'm about 2/3 of the way through Bad Feminist - it's very interesting. I'm okay-ish with graphic but I haven't even started the graphic novel yet so it's going to be a while! :)