Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Duchess War - review

I have to say, usually romance novels aren't my genre. I generally find the leading man unappealing and a massive dick, which puts me off.

I realise, of course, that I'm generalising, and I'm basing my bias entirely on the Mills & Boon reading phase I had in my first year of university.

So when a friend recommended The Duchess War to me, I was somewhat apprehensive. But, as she herself said, she wouldn't steer me wrong so I thought well, what could go wrong?

Also, it was free on iBooks so obviously, it was fate.

This is a very roundabout way of saying I absolutely loved it. It's great, everything is great and I'm a heartbeat away from handing out flowers on streetcorners.

Anyway. Miss Minerva Lane lives a very quiet life with her two maiden aunts, Eliza and Caro (who are not actually related in any way, but share a deep affection, IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN).

Minerva, of course, has A Past, and living the sedentary life of genteel poverty that she does now, is one that she's chosen on purpose, so that she might marry a somewhat respectable man, and then quietly disappear.

Or ... not.

The night Minnie meets the Duke of Clermont, Robert Blaisdell, is the night Minnie's life changes forever. Because as try as she might, she cannot seem to escape the Duke.

Okay, gosh, I don't know. This was SO GOOD. Minnie is so great and well-rounded and Robert!! That's what won me over, I think. He's a) Not a massive dick and 2) He has such REGARD for Minnie. Like, from moment one, he just ... pays so much attention to her, but not in the hahahaaa you will love me because I'm rich and handsome way but in the GOSH KEEP TALKING I WANT TO HEAR YOU TALK FOREVER AND ALSO BANG LOTS AND HAVE BABIES kind of way.

Right from the start I wanted to know what Minnie's secret was, that she was so reluctant to tell Robert and that hint of mystery as well as the unashamed gosh-darn romance of it all, kept me invested.

Also: Ms Milan goes IN for the sex scenes and honestly you might need to loosen a stay or three.

Also also: There's a found family theme with Robert's story that made me want to pet his hair and tell him everything would be okay and maybe also give him a puppy.

Plus also also: Female friendship with Minnie and Lydia. If I wanted to see more of anything, it was that.

Plus also also also: It's the first book in a series, so I am well pleased.


  1. YAY. Courtney Milan was my in to romance novels, a few years ago, so I'm always pleased to hear that other people like her too. I actually like this series slightly less than her previous one, the Turner books, but all of her books are good, and the couples are always respectful of each other.

    Not that you asked for recommendations, BUT if you are in the mood for spies, can I recommend Joanna Bourne? The Spymaster's Lady? Like 80% of the book (as I recall) is the dude being like "wow what a great spy this girl is, it's so impressive", so that's excellent, plus of course there's all the spying (yay).

  2. Jenny: I really enjoyed it :D And I am always up for recommendations! Thank you! :D