Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spy - review

Picture it. 2015, I"m sitting in the movie theatre, waiting for ... something to start. (I can't remember now). A trailer begins, showing Melissa McCarthy falling off a scooter in Rome (or was it Venice?) Somewhere in Italy, anyway. So begins the trailer for Spy, and so begins my eye-roll of yet another hurr-durr look she can't do her job movie.

BUT. I am here to tell you, constant readers, I was tricked. TRICKED, I SAY.

Because instead of a terrible hurr-durr she's terrible movie, Spy is actually great! And funny! And warm! And funny!

Anyway. Ms McCarthy is a handler for the CIA - she's in the basement on the phone while her agent (Jude Law) runs around doing all of the dangerous stunts. However, when the lives of all of the well-known agents are jeopardised, it's up to Ms McCarthy to save the day by going into the field for the first time.

And she's great! She's actually a good agent! There's some great action, and some hilarious moments, and Ms McCarthy is not afraid to voice her opinions to anyone who stands still long enough to hear them.

The movie also features Allison Janney and Miranda Hart, and the chemistry between Ms McCarthy and Ms Hart in particular is truly heart-warming.

Spy DOES have a lot of swears, if that's not your particular thing, but the rest of it is so great, that it's worth it.

AND it highlights and celebrates female friendships. It's so warm and likeable - like a golden retriever that knows swear words.


  1. I totally agree. I was tricked as well and ended up thinking it was a really fun film. I wonder why they marketed it so badly.

  2. Kristen: I wish I knew, I absolutely loved it. I can see it becoming a comfort film that I can watch over and over.