Saturday, 19 November 2016

Sunday Post 49; It's Monday, what are you reading? 34

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Let's see ... it's been a couple of weeks since I did a Sunday Post.

I do have a bit of sad news. One of our cats, Casper, who was 15 this year, deteriorated. He lost a lot of weight, and then got an abcess on his jaw that got infected. It all felt like it happened very quickly. And, of course, with me not working ... ugh. But I rang the vet and we took him in and he was put to sleep. He was in pain and couldn't eat for the last few days, which you never want to see in your pets. The vet was lovely about it and told us that we could make payment arrangements if we needed to - which I hadn't realised.

This was Casper. He was a very good cat. Much more fond of my husband than me, but still a good cat.

So that was some sadness. It's never easy saying farewell to a pet - especially one who's been with you for so long.

J stayed with him, but I get weird and panicky around death, so I waited out in the waiting room.

Right. What else has been going on around these parts for the past couple of weeks?

I'm sure everyone heard about the big quake, but luckily I live well outside of that particular area, so we weren't affected, though a friend of mine lives in Wellington. She's fine, but naturally rattled, of course.

I actually managed to write some posts last week - three reviews - two books, one movie. I also read Breakaway by Avon Gale, and I'm hoping to finish The Girl From the Savoy this week. So yay, content!

I was frustrated on Friday though. On Tuesday, I had an assessment to see whether I had the skills to proceed with a job interview to be a court reporter. Basically transcribing notes, etc. A job that I KNOW I could do easily. So. Of course, I completely fluffed the assessment. Typing speed, using MS word ... everything. Everything but accuracy. But just being accurate isn't enough.

So I'm still sending out applications and trying to fill my days. I do have the chance of a couple of weeks' work with a local independent community newspaper, which is good timing with Christmas right around the corner. I'm meeting with the editor - someone I used to work with - tomorrow to have a chat. Fingers crossed and all that jazz. It's only a couple of weeks at the moment, but who knows?

As I said, I'm reading The Girl From the Savoy, and I'm not sure what might be up next. Wizards and Glass, perhaps.


What's up with you? What are you reading?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Mine is over 23 and starting to show it now.
    Crossing fingers you get the job! I don't do well at evals and interviews much of the time.

    My Sunday Post

  2. So sorry to hear about Casper... and the job test thingy. I had a similar experience with an online excel test once. I use Macs and this was a Microsoft test and I kept right-clicking on the mouse and getting things wrong. I knew if I could only have a day to re-accustom myself to MS it would have been fine.... but it was just a temp gig so they wanted someone who could hit the ground running.

    My bestie was travelling when the earthquake hit and her partner and their dogs had to evacuate cos they live near the beach in Christchurch so he had to head to higher ground, but nothing happened thankfully.

  3. Awww...I'm sorry to hear about Casper. I'm also still applying for jobs, but I haven't come across any yet, so hopefully my job search will go by better.

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  4. It sounds like a miserable time of things right now. It is devastating to lose a pet, and I am so sorry.
    I hope that you land a job soon, and at the same time I hope that it is one that you can both rely on and enjoy.

  5. So sorry for your loss. Casper looks like a very sweet kitty.

  6. Sorry to hear about your cat! I lost one a few months ago - similar situation. Deteriorated quick.

    Good luck with the job thing! And hopefully no more earthquakes in your area!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Casper. It's heartbreaking when a pet dies...

  8. I'm so sorry to hear the news of the loss of your beloved pet, Casper.

    I'm keen to read The Girl From the Savoy. I hope your reading is going well this week.

    Amanda @ Mrs B's Book Reviews