Thursday, 19 April 2018

Review - Clash of the Titans

Perseus is the son of Zeus, but is not aware of this little fact. He's raised by a humble fisherman and his wife until they're lost in a storm and Perseus finds himself at the centre of a crisis in the kingdom of Argos.

The king and queen of Argos basically start shit-talking Zeus and co (never a good idea), and Voldemo- I mean Hades - comes buzzing down in a black cloud and says if they don't sacrifice their daughter Andromeda by the time of the eclipse, he will release the kraken.

Perseus, who washed up in Argos after losing his family, finds out he's actually a demi-god and has half a shot at stopping Hades. So he rounds up a crew including Hannib- um, I mean, Draco, and they all head off to find the Stygian witches, and then also the head of Medusa so that the kraken can be stopped.

Perseus is a moody bastard, which, fair enough, but it's annoying after a while, and everyone else is just sort of .... there.

I need to stop talking myself into watching bad/meh movies on Netflix, I really do.

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