Thursday, 26 April 2018

Review - Wrath of the Titans

Since I watched Clash of the Titans last week, I thought I'd take the sequel out for a spin today.

Zeus's son Perseus, after defeating the Kraken in Clash, now lives a quiet life in a small fishing village with his son, Helios. Perseus's wife, Io, dies before the start of Wrath, but it's not said how she died.

Anyway. Hades and young Ares have a plan to wake up and release Cronus from the prison Tartarus, because mankind have stopped praying to the gods. No prayers = no powers and Hades and Ares are a bit upset about that.

They convince Zeus and Poseidon to come to the Underworld to discuss what to do and - it may just be me, but I'm pretty sure there's more than four gods in the Greek mythological pantheon.

Anyway. Zeus and Poseidon don't want to release Cronus, because that's Very Bad, and Zeus goes and asks Perseus for help to stop it from happening.

Poseidon dies, Zeus is tortured, Perseus tracks down another demi-god who's the son of Poseidon and for some reason Queen Andromeda of the Greeks, although I suspect she's mostly in it because otherwise Wrath of the Titans is a real sausage fest. Sausages everywhere. And that's fine, but all Andromeda seems to do is wave a sword around and shout a lot.

I need to pick better movies.

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