Saturday, 7 April 2018

Sunday Post 95, It's Monday, what are you reading? 80

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Last week was a shorter working week because of Easter, and coming up this week I have five days off from Thursday as it's school holiday time. It's annoying when the school holidays don't align with Easter, but there you go. I've taken a couple of school days off to get some bits and pieces done, and then three days of the first week of the holidays, so that spawn doesn't spend his whole time in the holiday programme he's booked into. Plus, it's expensive.

So I'm looking forward to having a few days off.

The weather has turned cold, grey and rainy, which is my favourite - as long as I'm not outside in it, so I'm kind of loving it at the moment.

Work is going okay as well. I have a bit of anxiety-brain, so I'm working on leaving work at night - and leaving it AT work, instead of letting it run through my brain - especially mistakes. Ugh. Any tips, I'll take em ;)

I'm still reading The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, and ... Wizards and Glass and I are on a break. It's going through this massive flashback in the middle of a really long book, and I kind of don't care, but I also want to finish the series. Blergh.

I also started Blood-stained Tea by Amy Tasukada, which I'm enjoying. I'm hoping to finish that this week so I can write a review. I also watched Zoolander 2 today which was .... a movie. That I watched. So review coming for that as well.

How about you? What's your week like? What are you reading?


  1. Sounds like the same kinda weather we've been having, pretty cloudy and we even got a bit of snow. Hope you have a good five days off!

  2. I love grey and rainy weather too as long as I'm not out in it. It's always the perfect excuse to curl up with a book all day. Leaving work at work is always hard. I'm also one of those people that thinks and thinks about that kind of stuff. I guess my best suggestion would be to keep your mind busy so you don't have the time to think about it. Have a great week! :)

  3. I like rainy weather, too. It’s a good excuse to stay inside and read. I hope you enjoy your time off!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. We are finally seeing a little sun before our next round of snow. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  5. Skip the flashback and get on to the bits you're interested in. Have a good week. Come see what I'm reading

  6. I hope you enjoy your break and the weather!