Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mirrormask - review

At 15, Helena feels trapped in her odd circus-family life. She would rather draw than juggle, but as her parents run the circus, Helena is part of the act.

When her mum collapses, Helena feels responsible and has a new set of struggles to face.

One night, Helena steps through into a very different landscape, and finds out that curing her own mother depends on saving the Queen of Light from the Shadows in this strange world.

Along with Valentine, Helena has to navigate the strange world she finds herself in, so she can find the Mirrormask, return the daughter of the Queen of Shadows, and save her own mother.

I love Mirrormask. Based on a screenplay by Neil Gaiman and directed by Dave McKean, it's a true feast for the eyes.

Once Helena travels to the Dark Lands, it's all on visually speaking.

Everyone here wears some kind of mask, and the land is populated by all kinds of outrageous creatures.

Helena and Valentine have to battle the Shadow and, occasionally each other, in order to save not only Helena's mother, but the Dark Lands as well.

Mirrormask is great if you truly want to escape the every day and be taken on a fantastic journey.


  1. Ah, I love this movie. It has one of the most excellent endings of any movie ever. ALSO I really like it when it Valentine very poorly apologizes to Helena.

  2. It's so great, and visually stunning. Heeee Valentine was great too. Terrible at times, but kind of great :)