Wednesday, 10 June 2015

You may be wondering ...

... what I'm doing all the way over here. And by "all the way over here", I mean in a shiny new blog.

It's something I've been thinking about doing on and off for a while. I started in 2007, and it's been great, but I'm starting to feel a bit ... bogged down? If that even makes sense, when I'm starting a shiny new blog.

Lately, when I've thought about writing a post, the thought of adding another one to the rather crowded pile, made me kind of tired.

But that's silly, I thought to myself. Just ... spruce it up a bit. New background. She'll be right!

So, I tried that. And ... nope. I don't want to give up blogging - even though more often than not I'm shouting down the void to myself and only hearing an echo - but it's time to move the blog itself on.

Shiny new home. Fresh paint job. All the trimmings. For whatever reason, it feels like the right thing to do, at the right time.

I'm not going to be doing anything particularly innovative or new, I don't think. I want to start writing book reviews again; and add movie reviews to that list. I want to be more consistent with it, and starting over is one way that I know (hope) will work for me.


  1. Aw, your new space! Calloo callay! I hope it treats you right and is as freeing as you hoped!

  2. Hi!! :D :D it feels much lighter already :-)

  3. As someone who started over once upon a time, I totally understand. Happy wishes in your new place! :)

  4. OK! I've updated my links on my blog... :D