Thursday, 25 June 2015

Real Steel - review

I have to admit, my expectations weren't all that high for Real Steel. I'd recorded it out of a sense of mild curiousity, and with Movie Night Sunday upon me, I decided to run it up the flagpole.

I have to say, I ended up ... not hating it. It won't be a favourite and to be honest, it was kind of forgettable, but it was watchable.

In the near future, human boxers have been replaced by giant and elaborate robots who face off in the ring.

Jackman is down-on-his-luck former boxer Charlie, who's looking for the next big score to set himself up.

He gains a top of the line robot, and is looking forward to putting it through its paces, but there's a wrinkle - Charlie's 11 year old son Max, who's mother has just died, comes into Charlie's life.

There's  a nice balance in Real Steel between sentiment and set pieces and enough of a building relationship between Charlie  and Max to keep you engaged.

There's just .... something missing. Like someone's put a really nice meal in front of you, but they've forgotten to season it.

That's it. It's nice, but it lacks seasoning.

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