Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Knight's Tale - review

A Knight's Tale

I never saw this when it came out, for some reason. I'm not sure why. It's on Netflix now, though, and I was curious enough to press play.

Heath Ledger is the squire to a knight who has up and died in the middle of a tournament. So Mr Ledger takes up the knight's mantle himself and starts jousting.

Of course, as he's not of noble birth, he's not really supposed to be doing that, but a little detail like that doesn't get in his way of pursuing gold, glory, food - and, of course, the girl.

I have to say ... hmmmmm ... I liked it? But it didn't grab me and rivet my attention to the screen. And, of course, every time I saw Heath Ledger, my brain went :(((((

But it's pleasantly diverting, has a pretty good soundtrack, and Rufus Sewell makes for an engaging villain.

Undemanding and fun.

But. Heath Ledger. :(


  1. I get sad whenever I watch a Heath Ledger movie. He was excellent. I've never seen A Knight's Tale because medieval times make me tired, but maybe I should try it. Sounds like it would make a good movie to have on while I'm doing something medium-distracting.

  2. He was, such a waste of talent :( It's definitely undemanding watching and good for background company :)