Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In Bruges - review

Hitmen Ray and Ken land in Bruges (it's in Belgium) after a hit has gone badly wrong. Their boss, Harry (Ralph Fiennes) has told them to lay low for a couple of weeks, see the sights.

This is fine with Ken (Brendan Glesson) but Ken (Colin Farrell) is bored about two seconds after they land, and inevitably finds trouble.

In Bruges is one of those movies that keeps popping up on my radar before sinking out of sight again. I'd heard good things about it and was sort of curious so picked it up at the library last week.

Here's the thing though. I didn't really like it. I can see why other people like it - the dialogue is sharp, and Colin Farrell is playing against type as the impulsive, slightly stupid Ray, but it just didn't hook me in.

I have a low tolerance for man-child characters in films anyway, and that's essentially what Ray is, with Ken along as his permanently exasperated babysitter.

It's possible that I wasn't in the right mood for something like In Bruges.

It's not you, movie, it's me.

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