Thursday, 15 February 2018

Review - The A-Team

I need to stop watching random movies on Netflix. Or finding BETTER movies to watch on Netflix ...

I used to love The A-Team in the 1980s - the old TV series. My favourite character was Murdoch. Good times.

The movie is ......... the movie is a thing I watched while I did my nails today. I painted them silver. It looks very nice.

Right. The movie. Okay, look - I really like Liam Neeson. I do. But I'd just like to have a quiet chat with whoever went "Hey, you know who would make a great Hannibal Smith? Liam Neeson." Because that person is wrong.

He lacks  .... something. Charisma? To carry off that particular role. Bradley Cooper was surprisingly all right as Face - he's got that kind of cocky goodlooking dickheadishness to pull it off.  Sharlton Copley was pretty all right as Murdoch - though no one can ever replace Dwight Schultz - and Quinton Jackson had really very little to do except yell a lot as BA Baracus.

There was ... a plot? Something, something military, something, something exchange plates. As far as action movies go it felt kind of lazy somehow? There were plenty of boomy and blowing-up set-pieces, but ... ehn.

That's the word. ehn.

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