Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Review - Etched in Bone

Etched in Bone is the fifth book in The Others series by Anne Bishop. 

In book 4, the Elders took exception to humans thinking that they could just take over everything and acted with devastating consequences for everyone.

Book 5 picks up in the Lakeside Courtyard, a place that has become a kind of litmus test for how humans and the Others can find a way to co-exist.

The story centres on part of the human pack if you will - police officer CJ Montgomery and his no-good brother Jimmy who shows up at the Courtyard expecting an easy ride.

The Courtyard's leaders, especially Simon Wolfgard, are reluctant to let Jimmy stay, but the Courtyard is being observed by Elders, and they insist on wanting to see what happens when an undesirable human moves in to a relatively stable community.

As well as CJ's story, there's more Simon and Meg interaction, and their relationship .. well it progresses, anyway.

I actually enjoy how Anne Bishop portrays their obvious bond, and also Simon's respect for Meg's past as a cassandra sangue - a blood prophet. Meg is trying to find other ways to express prophecies when the feeling comes on her, and the Lakeside Courtyard - to me anyway - is nothing so much as one really large found family.

There's something cosy about the whole series that I just really really respond to, so I'm ambivalent about book six, which is set in the Others' universe but not in the Courtyard.


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