Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Review - Slide by Garrett Reid

Ash and Pete have been together for a long time, but with Pete's long hours working as a paramedic, and Ash's past causing him problems, it isn't long before things come to a crisis point.

Pete's working so hard that he doesn't notice how far Ash is sliding until the crisis point comes and everything comes crashing down around them.

Okay. There were a lot of things I liked about Slide.  I liked that it started with an established relationship between Ash and Pete, and as characters themselves they were interesting and engaging - especially Ash.

Their friends - especially Ash's friend Ellie - were well-realised, and the relationship between Ash and Pete was also really well done, as they both struggle with working too many hours, and not having enough time.

BUT, and there IS A BUT, when the crisis point comes  - Pete's reaction felt - to me - completely out of character.

He's a paramedic. And he knows that Ash had struggled with drug use in the past (Ash had been homeless for a long time). And okay, Pete's mother is in crisis at the time, but when he comes home and finds Ash passed out, he just assumes that Ash has gone back to old habits, kicks him out, and then doesn't even TRY to find him.

In Chicago.

In winter.

Pete just assumes that Ash will go to Ellie, but then sulks for LITERALLY A MONTH.

Again. Pete is a paramedic.

Sigh. I enjoyed so much of the book, but that was just ... it felt out of place to me.

And let's not start on the massive and unlikely coincidence ...

My feelings. They are mixed.

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