Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review - White House Down

You have to like a movie that pretty much starts with Channing Tatum arguing with a squirrel. I mean, I think it's a law or something.

White House Down is - you know how some action movies are growly and grumpy dobermans and some are golden retrievers and they just want you to like them? White House Down is a golden retriever action movie.

It's all about the explosions and Channing Tatum Saving the Day and Jamie Foxx being president and Channing Tatum's eleven year old daughter being In Danger but also being A Badass.

Anyway. Uhm. Bad guys have taken over the White House and are pretty much shooting everyone ever on staff. Channing Tatum - who is not on staff but had come in for an interview - is also multi-tasking by taking his daughter on the White House tour. He's .. a police officer? Some kind of low-level bodyguard for an admin guy? To be honest, I'm not clear on what Channing Tatum's job is. I'm not entirely sure it matters.

What DOES matter is that he's the man on the ground in the White House who is going to save the president, his daughter, AND the day.

He has good chemistry with President Jamie Foxx, which is nice and honestly ... look, the story doesn't matter.

Bad guys. Blow stuff up/shoot things.

Good guys. Also blow things up and shoot things but only bad guys.

Badass eleven year old girl.

I watched it on Friday night, and it is the IDEAL Friday night film, because you know Channing Tatum will save the day, and you don't even really have to concentrate at all. It's completely ridiculous, but it retains a certain greatness because of that level of ridiculousness.

You go Channing Tatum. Save the day.

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