Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sunday post 40; It's Monday! What are you reading? 26

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What's been going on? Well, I'm still looking for work, and it's getting ever so slightly urgent for things like, you know, rent and food and suchlike. I do have savings but it's an admin nightmare to access them, and I'm hoping I won't have to.

I've been blogging this week, and I've written reviews of White House Down, Poi E - The Story of Our Song, and The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. It feels good, actually, to have content on here again.

Other than that, I've been mainlining Torchwood. I've finished Children of Earth, and isn't it great how it all finished on the third day and everything was fixed and NO ONE DIED.

What's sort of funny is that two of the actors on Torchwood are also voice actors in the Dragon Age franchise - Eve Myles voices Merrill in Dragon Age 2 and Gareth David-Lloyd voices Solas in Inquisition.

I haven't been stitching at all - I developed a cold/cough last week, so put my stitch-and-watch friend off for last Saturday night, and didn't pick it up until last night's stitch-and-watch event.

I've picked up book 3 of Stephen King's Dark Tower again, and am about half-way through that one. I'm also reading Too Many Fairy Princes by Alex Beecroft, which has a terrible title but is actually not a bad story.

What else. Just life, I guess. Which for me at the moment is spawn, applying for jobs, Netflix, reading and iPad games. Which could certainly be a lot worse.

How about you?

How's your week?

What are you reading?


  1. I hope you find something soon but I know what it's like to struggle to find work. I underestimated how hard it would be and I had some hefty bills to pay - though no mortgage at least.

    It made me a little nervous about the mortgage I'm taking out to buy my new place but it's only a small one.... The (part-time) job I'm in is a one year contract but my boss tells me it'll be extended... but I'll be stressed if it isn't.

    I'm trying to remember The Dark Tower... are they making that into a movie or something?

  2. My Netflix watching has taken a hit as I'm between shows at the moment, but at least I have a steady stream of books apparently. I haven't seen Torchwood but heard of it I think. Good luck with the job search and hope it's a good week. :)

  3. Deborah: Thank you :) Fingers crossed all goes well for you, too!

    The Dark Tower is Stephen King's seven (well, eight) book fantasy series. Yes, they're making a movie now, with Idris Elba.

  4. I'm working now but the job I have is physical labor and it's becoming too difficult for me. Not having luck on the job search either. Crossing fingers for both of us! I started The Dark Tower series years ago and fell away from it. I'm thinking to pick it back up.

    My Sunday Post @ fuonlyknew

  5. Laura: I hope we both have better luck going forward :)

    I did the same thing. I'm determined to finish the series this time.

  6. Greg: I have Stranger Things lined up after Torchwood, so I'm set for a while. Thank you :)

  7. Hope you find work soon, it's horrible to be looking and watching every cent nervously. I think we've all been there at some stage.

  8. I wish you success in your job search. I know it's no fun. But, enjoy your reading. A book is always a great way to spend some time.
    sherry @ fundinmental My Sunday Memes

  9. Let's hope you find that wonderful job this week!

    Here's my Sunday Salon!

  10. *fingers crossed* that you find a job soon. I love mainlining Netflix. I don't do it often enough though. lol

  11. Holding thumps and toes for you that something will come by soon... At least you still find joy in reading. Hope your dream job is just around the corner and that you can still have enough time to read. Here's my Sunday Post:

  12. I hope you find something soon, I know how it is to be nervous about bills. I actually canceled our Netflix account last month it just wasn't worth the new price. I enjoyed Torchwood, I watched it around the same time I was watching Doctor Who (10th Doc) so it was neat to see the cross overs.

  13. Good luck with the job search. Ooo I love Torchwood!

  14. Trish: Yes, I think so. Thank you!

    Sherry: It is! Thank you :)

    Deb: Thank you!

    A Voracious Reader: Thank you! I've been doing it too much I think - lol

    Mareli: Thank you! :D

    Shandy Jo: Thank you! Our Netflix is $10 a month, so it's not too bad. I watched Torchdwood after Dr Who but yes the parallels were great.

    Kimba: Thank you! It's great :)