Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sunday post 39; It's Monday, What are you reading? 26

It's been two or three weeks since I did one of these posts - I decided I needed to have content on my blog in between, rather than just one weekly post. I have short reviews post, so ta-da!!

Anyway. The Sunday Post - a chance for a natter and a catch-up - is hosted by Kimba over here: and It's Monday! What are you reading? is now hosted by Kathryn over here:

Let's see ... I have two weeks left on this temporary contract, and while I'll be glad to leave this job behind, I do need to find something else. If you could all put good thoughts out to the universe, tip a word to your higher power ... I need all the positive energy I can muster right now.

Other than that, I've been trying to institute a daily 30/30/300 thing - that's read 30 pages; stitch for 30 minutes, and write 300 words. I know I CAN do it, and did manage it last week for a few days, but I'm easily distractable and very lazy. But these are things that I enjoy doing as well, so it makes sense for me to make some kind of effort to make room and time for them.

What else. I've been marathoning Dr Who on Netflix while I've been working. I'm up to Eleven and Clara - neither of which are my favourites to be honest. I don't mind Eleven so much, but I think that, after 10 (DONNA!!!!!) a lot of the storylines became nothing more than nonsense, and it became far too much about Amy Pond and not  enough about saving the universe.

Anyway. I'm grinding on, and after Dr Who I'm either going to go for Torchwood, or start Stranger Things, which I've heard Good Things about.

I ticked Civil War off my reading list because I've finished reading the main arc, and there are just so many off-shoots. So. Many.

Right now I'm reading book 3 of The Dark Tower - The Waste Lands. After that I think I'll either pick up the first Shannara Chronicle book, or Black Wolves, by Kate Elliott.

Coming up this week - hopefully some stitching and writing; applying for jobs and more Dr Who.

How about you?

What's your week like?

What are you reading?


  1. I need to watch some Dr. Who, but it would take me eons to catch up probably. I don't know... your 30/30/300 plan sounds good. Good luck with it, and with the job search!

    Have a good week. :)

  2. Greg: I'm bingeing new-Who on Netflix, so just from Nine onwards. It's manageable that way.

    Thank you :)

  3. All the best for the job search, there has to be something there and hope the universe sends it your way. Like the 30/30/300 idea although I can see how you could drop off it!

  4. Good luck on your job search and Happy Reading!

  5. I enjoyed the first (new) season of dr. Who but never really watched the later seasons with 10 or 11. What I did see of 10 I really liked. I've seen bits and pieces of the latest season but it can't quite capture me.

    I hope you find a new job soon. :)

  6. My favorite shows on Netflix tend toward the BBC thrillers/crime shows, or the shows about prison, like the Australian Wentworth. That show just added its fourth season, so I was bingeing away yesterday.

    Dr. Who isn't one I've tried, although I know many people who love it.

    Enjoy your week, with your 30/30/300 plan. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  7. Heather: Thank you!

    Annemieke: David Tennant is my favourite and I think his and Christopher Eccleston's seasons are the strongest. I'm up to 12 now, and I'll persist but it's become a bit .. eh.

    Thank you :)

    Laurel-Rain Snow: I started watching London Spy, which was great but it requires brain-power. Dr Who I can watch while I"m working :)

    Thank you!

  8. I agree. We are still watching Dr. Who, but the newer doctors and companions haven't quite matched the earlier ones.

    Good luck with finding a new job!