Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Review - The Losers

The Losers are an elite Black Ops team of special forces operatives.

Led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), they take on difficult tasks, such as the one that kicks off the movie - a search and destroy mission of a Columbian drug lord. However, when the team discovers the compound has children there, they alter the mission to try and save the children's lives.

They think they're getting the children to safety, but the helicopter is blown up, with their superior, Max, assuming that the team is on board.

Thought dead, the Losers decide it's time to take the fight to Max ...

I watched this last Friday night and honestly I'm having trouble recalling most of it. It's fun, mostly, and the best part of the whole movie is Chris Evans' character Jensen - the team's intelligence specialist. He plays him as a happy-go-lucky nerd and is the highlight of what is otherwise a pretty average action-ish movie.

Though it DOES have Idris Elba in it, which automatically levels it up.

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