Thursday, 5 January 2017

Review - Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

I love novels like this. Novels that have built-in characters that I recognise, that I can just check out, read, and enjoy.

I tend to go to Star Trek novels when I'm feeling that way, but Black Widow: Forever Red sits in that nice pretty nicely.

 Ava is rescued from Ivan the Strange at the age of eight. She meets a woman with vivid red hair, who promises Ava that she'll look out for her.

After a few years of enjoying SHIELD's somewhat dubious hospitality, Ava escapes. She's never seen the red-headed woman again, and as could be expected, her trust issues have trust issues.

However, fate, SHIELD and the red-headed woman (aka Natasha Romanoff) are not done with Ava yet. Ava and her friend Oksana attend a fencing tournament where Ava sees Alex, a boy she feels a strange connection with...

Next thing, Alex, Ava AND Natasha are on the run from everyone ever, and Ava and Natasha try to sort out their weird connection. Most of that part went over my head, honestly .... something, something Quantam Entanglement. It means that Ava can tap into Natasha's thoughts and abilities, and is a "gift" from Ivan the Strange.

There's cameos from Coulson and Tony Stark, and references to the Avengers. See? Familiarity breeds content. :D

Black Widow: Forever Red is an easy, exciting read that can be gobbled up very quickly.

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  1. Good to know this was good, I was curious about it...