Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Review - St Nacho's by Z. A. Maxfield

Cooper is a drifter. He has his motorbike, his violin, and doesn't stay in one place long enough for people to start asking awkward questions. He's running from a tragic accident in his past; an accident that has shaped the person he is now.

He lands in St Ignacio – affectionately called St Nacho's by the locals – and only intends to stay for a few days. He takes a job at a bar, and finds the idea of setting down some roots not as awful as he's always thought. Of course, Shawn – the pretty college boy who's got Cooper in his sights might have something to do with Cooper's decision to stay ...

Shawn is deaf, and Cooper communicates most easily through his music but the two of them find a way, and Cooper starts to think that maybe this whole relationship thing isn't so bad after all.

Then he gets a phone call from his past, and everything is turned on its head.

Cooper has a somewhat messed up idea of what his obligations are, but he follows through on them, leading to a bit of a tangle for everyone.

St Nacho's was a good, easy read. Cooper and Shawn are great characters and their relationship grows realistically, even with Cooper's personal demons along for the ride. Shawn is determined, stubborn and refuses to let Cooper get away with shit. For his part, Cooper is a loner yes, but not the ~mysterious loner~ type that I find so annoying. He sees it as self-preservation rather than as a way to bring all the boys to the yard.

The side characters – especially those in St Nacho's – are great; fun and fleshed out really well. The only character I had trouble with was Cooper's childhood friend and first boyfriend, Jordan. I felt their relationship wasn't fleshed out enough for me to understand why Cooper reacted the way he did when Jordan kind of fell back into his life.

But that's a minor quibble for a novel of moving on, finding love and found families (ask my what my weakness is. Go on. [It's found families]).  

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