Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sunday post 55; It's Monday, What are you reading 40

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Let's see ... I'm still battling through paperwork for my course - for the loans and allowances, which like all paperwork is about as much fun as you would expect. I also have not one but TWO appointments with Winz this week for the allegedly "seamless" transition of my benefit to a student allowance. I also have this lovely bridge that I'd like to offer at a bargain price.

So I grit my teeth and tell myself one step at a time.

I had a disastrous phone interview on Friday, but the less said about that one the better.

I'm picking away at the spreadsheeting work, and waiting till spawn goes back to school on Wednesday.

I had a moment last week, and I was going to do a separate blog post about it but I forgot - lol.

Anyways. You know how sometimes - I don't know - God, the Universe, weird coincidence - shows you something? And it can be the littlest, silliest something? That was me.

I went to the library on Friday, and I needed to sit at a table for a bit in order to write something down. So I did that, and happened to look at the books around me.

I'd sat down in the travel section. Now, I've never travelled beyond Melbourne, but it's been a long-held dream of mine to go to Paris. One of the first books I saw was called Lunch in Paris. And maybe it's silly, but it helped. I don't know how I'm going to pay my rent this week, but that book (that I borrowed), and browsing the travel section, helped me to realise I need to hang on somehow. By the shredded remains of my fingernails, but I need to hang on.

So that one day - when these hard and awful and scary times are behind me - I can get on a plane (providing the world hasn't imploded) and have my own lunch in Paris. Whether it's a sign or not, I'm taking it as one. :)

I blogged last week - I wrote a quick review of the film Valentine's Day. I need to go through what I have to watch/review something this week. I meant to do a post on Helena of Egypt - my next awesome lady - but that'll have to be this week as well.

I read Foreign Affairs by Patricia Scanlan and What Would Mary Berry Do by Claire Sandy, so there'll be reviews of those this week as well.

I'm still picking away at Return of the King, and I'm hoping to finish it this week, I'll have to see how I go.

What about you? How's your week? What are you reading?


  1. Sometimes it's little things that remind us or make us feel better. :) I think a book about PAris might do it!

    Hope you have a good week this week. I hate phone interviews...

  2. UGh good luck with all that paperwork! Sorry to hear about your phone interview too I HATE THEM! :( The day WILL come when these hard times will be behind you! Start your wish list for when you visit Paris in the meantime :)

  3. SO sorry about your phone interview. We're very hard on ourselves, so maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought? I HATE talking on the phone. I'm a freelancer and when a potential client requires a phone interview, I back out. If they can't judge me by my writing samples, they can just find someone else.

  4. Lunch in Paris would be wonderful. I hope this week brings an end to the paperwork and good things on the horizon!

  5. I think it's important to hold onto those dreams. I have a similar one about going to Italy. I'm lucky I'm now working part-time but there's no way that (with my bills, mortgage and living costs) will allow me to save money to travel somewhere like Paris.

    But... have hope is kinda important I guess. I've had some times in the past where I haven't had any and it really wasn't a nice place to be.

    Good luck with the study allowance interviews. x

  6. Yikes, sounds like a stressful week. But that's pretty cool about the Paris thing. I feel like sometimes we do get signs like that from a higher power. Glad you're still holding onto that dream :-)

  7. Hope this is a better week for you. Books have such a wide ranging capacity to help us through many things.

  8. Sorry it hasn't been a great week - but I'm glad that you're finding something in the little things. :)

    I keep meaning to pick up LOTR for a reread (I hope that's what you meant by Return of The King!).

    Hope you have a better week!

    Di @ Book Reviews by Di