Thursday, 26 January 2017

Valentine's Day - review

I have to admit, I'm not a huge rom-com film watcher these days. I used to enjoy them, back in the 90s, when they all seemed to star Tom Hanks and also there were dinosaurs. (I may be confusing my genres).

Anyway. I was trawling Netflix, looking for something to watch, and for some reason the ensemble piece Valentine's Day caught my eye, so I hit the little play triangle button.

It follows the fates of a loosely connected group of people on Valentine's Day as they explore love, life and like ... dinner.

The thing is, the movie isn't terrible. The characters are mostly nice, rather than awful, and it's perfectly watchable. It's like ... chicken soup out of a can. You know it's not as good or as satisfying as home-made (though I've only made chicken soup once and I accidently drained the broth down the sink), but it's edible enough.

Valentine's Day is like that – it's edible enough.

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