Monday, 13 June 2016

30 days of blogging - let's dance

Oops, I mean a 31 day blogging challenge! I googled, and chose this list: so let's crack on with day one, and see if I can blog every day for 31 days ...

Day 1: A recent picture, and introduce yourself.

I have to admit, I'm not fond of pictures of myself - all I ever see are the seven chins, and dinner lady arms. Having said that, I don't hate my smile in pictures with spawn. So here is a pic of me and spawn:

The other part of today's challenge is to introduce myself. For some reason, the Pina Colada song is playing in my head ...

Um. I'm 45, as of Sunday, and have one husband, one son, and 9.5 cats. Currently I'm working as an advertising features writer on a temporary contract, which runs out at the end of July.

I like books, movies, TV, Dragon Age, cats, cross-stitch and some iPad games.

And with that .... let the blogging shenanigans begin? I guess?

Tomorrow's topic is 20 facts about me. I'll need to put my thinking beanie on for that one.

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