Tuesday, 14 June 2016

31 days of blogging - day 2

Day 2's topic is 20 facts about yourself.

Here goes.

1) I'm the youngest of five children
2) I've been married once before
3) I live in the same city I was born and raised in
4) I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
5) I am extremely short-sighted
6) I only learned to ride a bike when I was 17
7) The only overseas place I've ever been to is Melbourne
8) I've met three famous people in my life - Neil Gaiman, Adam Lambert and Witi Ihimaera
9) Both of my parents have passed on
10) I started playing video games in 2014, at the tender age of 43. Now I can't imagine NOT playing
11) The only video games I've played are the Dragon Age franchise
12) My favourite movie of all time is All About Eve
13) My favourite book is a dead-heat between The Lord of the Rings and Station Eleven
14) My favourite colour is red
15) I love wet, windy and cold weather - especially when I'm lying in bed and I can listen to it
16) I had a cat called Scout, who was named for Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird
17) My son is named after my Dad
18) I love scarves, but I buy them and then never wear them
19) My dream destination is Paris
20) I love reality TV (some. As I said to a friend when she asked if I was going to watch Married at First Sight, I said "I have standards. Low standards, but still.)


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