Saturday, 18 June 2016

31 days of blogging - days five and six

I missed yesterday because I turned my computer off out of habit and went and watched a movie.

Yesterday's topic was 10 songs I'm loving right now.

Hmmm ... I've been listening to musicals a bit lately. I finally listened to Hamilton so let's start there ...

1) Alexander Hamilton
2) One Night in Bangkok
3) Ghost Town
4) Youth
5) I Can't Feel My Face
6) Cake By The Ocean (I know. It's growing on me.)
7) Rock the Casbah
8) The Western Approach
9) Leliana's Song
10) Empress of Fire

Today's topic is the five senses right now:

1) Taste - garlic bread. We had Pizza Hut for tea, and I can still taste the garlic bread.
2) Smell - nothing in particular right now.
3) Sight - computer screen
4) Touch - computer keyboard ;)
6) Sound - cars going by on the road outside - a sound that invariably makes me sleepy.


  1. One Night in Bangkok! I love the entire Chess soundtrack and listen to it often. One of my favorite musicals (aside from Phantom). I was lucky enough to see it performed when the show was in San Diego about 15-20 years ago.

  2. Michelle: it's one of my favourites too. (also love Phantom!) Oooh nice! The local company did Chess here several years ago - it was great to see it live.